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is an online retailer where a fighter can get his top-of-the-line gear and be prepared for a fight. Our love for this sport is the biggest factor for this online store. We aim to provide our fighters with the best technology to handle the gruesome brawl in the arena.

Sparkfit supports MMA, Hurling ball, Football, boxing, Muay Thai, and Kickboxing. We stock from various trusted brands that our fighters require. We researched and studied many online stores providing fighting gear, and fighters have to buy the items many times because they do not last. We take the stocks from brands like Adidas, Top Ten, StarPark and VELO.

Sparkfit Ireland has the largest selection of martial arts equipment in Ireland available online. We also support economical alternatives in this sport. It is to buy economical with zero real risk of injury.

We offer special equipment that lasts for a long time for our young fighters who pursue this sport. To guarantee their safety, we assist and guide our fighters on their journey and upgrade them with new equipment and technology. We stock boxing equipment, boxing gloves, boxing gear, boxing boots, and boxing clothes, Karate uniforms, TKD kits, Footballs, Hurling ball, fitness equipment in a great range.

To sum it up, if are you looking for the best customer service to guide you in buying the right equipment for the hardest brawl in the ring? Sparkfit will be your guardian and ensure you get the best equipment to protect you and get you your victory.


Mission & Vision

“The mission is to champion the health and protection of every athlete in Ireland. We strive and thrive on the effort of our champions and provide them with everlasting sports gear.”

“The vision of Sparkfit is to be the authentic online retail store that champions can trust. The vision is to be the spark of fighting sports and keep the fighting spirit ignite”